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Sustainable Biomass

Forestry Residues and Urban Waste Wood


Wind, Solar, Storage

Distributed Generation

Individual and Colective Self-consumption

Sustainable Biomass


Distributed Generation


Greenvolt operates in the renewable energies market. We were born green, not made green.

About Greenvolt

By valuing forestry and agroforestry resources and taking advantage of the sun’s rays, we provide green and renewable energy.

Our world is a green and clean world.

Our ambition is to progressively increase our contribution to combating climate change and to promoting a more balanced  and sustainable world at an environmental, social and economic level


Greenvolt Biomass is today the main reference in terms of energy production from residual forest biomass in Portugal. Greenvolt Biomass also has an urban residual biomass power plant in the United Kingdom.


Greenvolt Power is already one of the largest brand in Europe in the segment of the development of utility-scale solar and wind projects, with a pipeline of approximately 5.8 GW, of which approximately 4.0 GW are in an advanced or ready-to-build stage. The Company operates in several markets across the globe.

Distributed Generation

Complementing the development of these large-scale projects, Greenvolt Next is committed to the distributed energy generation, as this is one of the main axes of energy transition and a key to reduce the costs of energy bills.


We are shaped by nature, leaded by knowledge and backed up by true green expertise.

A trusted partner


Local Knowledge



Greenvolt is increasingly recognised in the European market as a major player in the promotion and development of renewable energy projects

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