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The Greenvolt Group, through Greenvolt Comunidades, signed an agreement with Millennium bcp so that the bank’s branches in Portugal will become consumers of the clean energy generated by their communities.

“This is an extremely relevant agreement for the Greenvolt Group, recognizing the work that Greenvolt Comunidades has been developing in promoting energy sharing solutions”, says João Manso Neto. “Having Millennium bcp join our energy communities fills us with pride for being able to help the bank in this energy transition process”, adds the CEO of the Greenvolt Group.

Greenvolt Comunidades, leader in this segment of the renewable energy market, currently includes more than 120 communities already implemented or in the implementation phase and which will, from now on, have more than 60 of the bank’s consumption points as consumer members, representing 12% of the total. These are, for now, the branches that are within the legally permitted radius of existing communities, with others joining as new communities are created.

Miguel Maya, CEO of Millennium bcp, noted that “this partnership with Greenvolt reflects Millennium bcp’s strengthened commitment to assuming a leading role in the energy transition process, as all of the Bank’s branches will become consumers of clean energy. This protocol is part of Millennium bcp’s energy transition process, which has already ensured that all energy used in the Bank’s central services comes from renewable sources, largely generated by the photovoltaic plants installed at TagusPark.”

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