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Forestry Residues


Wind & Solar

Distributed Generation

Self-consumption & Energy communities


Wind & Solar

Distributed Generation


Greenvolt is rapidly expanding its business in three sectors across an increasingly number of geographies


Greenvolt only uses biomass fully aligned with the cascading use principle, producing energy exclusively from forestry residues, agro-forestry residues or from waste wood.


Greenvolt Power is a fully operational renewable energy platform that develops and operates onshore Wind and PV installations across several countries with a solid proven track record.


Greenvolt Next offers a variety of technologies that generate electricity at or near where it will be used every day, through Photovoltaic and/or LED lighting solutions. Greenvolt Comunidades facilitates the creation of Energy Communities, bringing together solar producers with consumers looking for a more sustainable future and reduced energy costs.

The acquisition of several companies and partnering with the management teams allowed us to build an in-depth knowledge and expertise in each segment we operate.

Energy Transition

The world is changing and the need to evolve to a climate friendly economy is acknowledged by all. The way we consume, produce and share our energy needs to change and Greenvolt wants to be a major contributor in this process.

Circular Economy

Greenvolt reduces waste and values forestry residues to create renewable energy with a positive impact in the economy and environment.

Renewable Energy

Endless resources like wind and sun produce the cheapest electrical power. They are everywhere and available to everyone. Energy for all without borders or limits.

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