LIFE AT Greenvolt

Defined by our people

A strong and cohesive team
Environment of people with market know-how and excellent skills
An opportunity of learning with people with diverse backgrounds and from different cultures
A motivation to have an impact in the world

At Greenvolt, the business success is a result of a workforce that embraces and understands the Company’s strategy.
During our Global Business Meetings, we explore our business clusters, strategic enablers and share visions and expectations for the future.
Our internal events foster a common culture while spreading our #GreenDNA.
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“We want an energy transition for everyone from everyone”

“At Greenvolt we look for people than can take risks and not being afraid to fail or to ask questions. Being responsible while empowered is how we define ourselves.
If you Respect and care about People and you can Treat company resources as yours, your energy fits Greenvolt Culture.”

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Mariana Ortiz Gala
People Director

WORK AT Greenvolt

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Greenvolt is driven by 4 core values


We are bold, and we dare to risk, discover, test, and fail.
We are resilient and strive to achieve meaningful results.


We navigate in fast-paced environments, adapting quickly to new conditions and challenges.
We take decisions, delegate, and collaborate in an agile way.

Team Spirit

We unleash the full power of our diverse and global teams by bringing the combination of our people, strengths, and unique capabilities to every challenge.


We solve complex problems for a sustainable future.
We take ownership and stay accountable by executing locally.

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