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Sustainability is at the heart
of everything we do

Our Sustainability Strategy


Responsibility & Ethics


Financial Sustainability

João Manso Neto, CEO

“Sustainability is strategic for Greenvolt, driving the company’s ambition to lead the energy transition and promote a more sustainable future. ”

Greenvolt is a leading company in the development, implementation and operation of renewable energy production projects.

Its activity is based on principles of responsibility and compliance with the best environmental, social and ethical practices, standards it requires from its suppliers and partners. Know more about our sustainability strategy and performance.


Greenvolt was created as an agent of change for society and the Planet

A change in the right direction

…to fight climate change.

…to contribute to the carbon neutrality in energy production.

…to promote a fair and more democratic energy transition by developing concrete solutions that allow families and businesses to mitigate the effect of rising energy costs.

…to contribute to circular economy and to the mitigation forest fires risk, by using the right biomass (residual biomass, either forestry or urban biomass).


To lead the production of energy from renewable resources, helping to fight climate change and promote a more balanced and sustainable world from an environmental, social and economic perspective.


We exist because we believe in a world driven by sustainable, socially responsible and technologically innovative energy solutions.


To play a leading role in the global transformation in energy production for a more sustainable and healthier future.

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