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The Greenvolt Group has strengthened its solar energy generation capacity in the first auction held this year by Germany. Through MaxSolar, it secured 5% of the capacity put up for bidding, acquiring the right to develop around 100 MW in large-scale solar projects in what is a reference market in renewable energies.

The Bundesnetzagentur, Germany’s Federal Grid Agency, launched the first large-scale solar capacity auction of the year, putting up for bidding a total of around 1,950 MW. There were 347 bids registered for a total of 2,869 MW, substantially higher than the auctioned amount, with MaxSolar obtaining around 100 MW.

“In a highly competitive auction, Greenvolt, through its associate company in Germany, was able to win all the licenses it sought, further strengthening its pipeline of large-scale solar energy projects,” said João Manso Neto, CEO of Greenvolt Group.

Founded in 2009, MaxSolar is a leading company in the development, implementation, and management of solar photovoltaic projects in the German and Austrian markets. It has shown significant growth dynamics, with 34.5 MWp already built, 41 MWp under construction, and 14.5 MWp “Ready to Build”. This year it acquired the SEAC Group in Germany, a company that holds a pipeline of 3.1 GW.

“Germany is a market of extreme importance to us, both because of its already established reputation in the global renewable energy sector and the ambitious goals set for 2030,” adds the CEO of Greenvolt, highlighting Germany’s goal of having 300 GW of solar capacity by the end of the decade.