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Greenvolt Power, a Greenvolt Group company specialized in large-scale wind and solar photovoltaic projects, reached an agreement with ENERGA WYTWARZANIE, for the sale of a portfolio comprising two renewable energy projects in Poland for a total consideration of €107 million.

The agreement comprises the Opalenica project, which consists of three solar parks with a total capacity of 22 MW, and the Sompolno project, the first licensed hybrid project in Poland, with an installed capacity of 26 MW of wind and 10 MW of solar that will complement each other to deliver even more energy with maximum efficiency.

The global installed capacity will reach 58.6 MW, allowing the generation of 111 GWh of renewable energy per year after entering into operation. The transaction will be concluded as soon as the Commercial Operation Date (COD) of the first park is reached, in this case the Sompolno park, which should reach COD in December 2023, while the Opalenica park will start operating in June 2024.

“These two projects, now in the final stages of construction, are an excellent example of the Greenvolt Group’s ability to develop high quality renewable energy projects, with innovative solutions that maximize production capacity, which is valued by buyers, in this case, by Energa”, states João Manso Neto.

“We are witnessing a growing appetite for the renewable energy projects that we develop”, added the CEO of the Greenvolt Group, noting that the company is committed with 200 MW worth of sales in wind and solar assets until the end of this year, as defined in the strategic plan presented to investors.

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