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The Greenvolt Group, through Greenvolt Power, will reinforce the renewable energy generation capacity in Poland. Through the implementation of a pioneering hybrid solution in this market, it will combine three technologies in the same network access point.

The Sompolno wind farm, located in central-western Poland, currently in construction will inject capacity of up to 27.5 MW into the Polish electricity grid. Greenvolt Power will now add to this same access point 10 MW of additional energy generated through a photovoltaic solar installation that will complement each other to deliver even more energy with maximum efficiency.

With this innovative hybrid solution in Poland, Greenvolt Power will be able to optimize its energy generation capacity and generation profile from a single renewable source. Using a battery energy storage solution (BESS) with a capacity of up to 12 MW will allow for the energy generated during peak times to be stored and efficiently offloaded to the grid during low-generation periods.

We are complementing the already obtained grid capacity assigned to wind energy with additional solar photovoltaic capacity in an innovative hybrid solution that also has the added value of batteries that allow us to store all the energy beyond the contracted export capacity for this specific point of access to the grid“, stresses João Manso Neto. “This complementarity is fundamental so that not one MW of this energy is lost, and we deliver a generation profile preferred by the majority of potential off-takers“, adds the CEO of the Greenvolt Group.


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