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Greenvolt Comunidades won the “Best Digital Sustainability Project” award at the 7th edition of the Portugal Digital Awards, a joint initiative by IDC Portugal and Axians Portugal, which aims to disseminate, recognize and reward projects and/or best transformation practices national organizations.

A jury of 17 distinguished the work done by the Greenvolt Group, choosing Greenvolt Comunidades as the Digital Transformation initiative with the greatest impact on Sustainability during the year of 2022.

This award recognizes the differentiated value proposition that we managed to bring to the renewable energy market“, says José Queirós de Almeida, CEO of Greenvolt Comunidades. “We have created a digital platform that, we believe, will bring producers and consumers closer to this new, clean and cheap energy“, he adds.

The Greenvolt Communities platform allows, at all times, the monitoring of renewable energy production, but also knowing how much of that energy is being shared with the rest of the community, in a simple, intuitive, and convenient way. For consumers, it allows quick access to information on consumption and savings achieved.