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Perfecta Energía has renewed its image in the Spanish market, now being called Perfecta Grupo powered by Greenvolt. With this new boost, it aims to position itself as a reference in solar energy solutions for self-consumption and install 25 MWp in 2023.

In 2021, Greenvolt acquired a 42.19% stake in Perfecta Energía, a company specialized in self-consumption solutions and leader in the residential sector in Spain. Later, Perfecta Industrial was launched, a company focused on the corporate self-consumption segment.

Now, Perfecta Grupo powered by Greenvolt is born, intending to further accelerate its growth in the Spanish market. Supported by the financial strength of the Greenvolt Group, it intends to capitalize on the growing demand for renewable energy generation sources, with both financial and environmental benefits.

We want to be an active part of Spain’s renewable transformation and for that we have the support of a group with great expertise in the sector like Greenvolt”, says Borja Sáez, CEO of Perfecta Grupo powered by Greenvolt. The target is to install 25 MWp during this year 2023. “Our goal is to become a reference in self-consumption in the Spanish market so that our customers can have access to solar energy in a simple and efficient way, without the need for investment”, concludes the CEO.

Additionally, Bernardo Roque, CEO of Perfecta Industrial powered by Greenvolt, stated that out of the 5,249 MW of accumulated self-consumption power in Spain, “47% of the total was installed in the industrial sector.” In this sense, Perfecta Industrial, a company dedicated to the B2B sector of Perfecta Grupo powered by Greenvolt, offers integrated products in different markets and to clients with different needs. “Perfecta Industrial has access to its own network of installers and flexibility and proximity to customers, which allows for customized project execution and ensures compliance with deadlines. In addition, we have the resources of the Greenvolt Group, which enables us to have operational synergies that add more value, quality, and agility to our projects“.